Places to visit in Majorca

The beautiful Island of Majorca is full with natural scenery and exotic locations. The sun shines on most of its parts and each town of Majorca is like a gift from god to the people of Spain. Below are some important locations in Majorca which are specifically popular in the tourists from UK.


Alcudia in Majorca
Alcudia in Majorca

Alcudia is also known as Puerto Alcudia and is on the north east cost of Majorca in Spain. It is one of the most famous holiday resorts specifically in the tourists from UK.

Its the area which is covered with gold sand from Port of Alcudia to Playa de Muro. You can relax on this one-of-a-kind beach during the day and the night, you can choose through a wide choice of bars and restaurants which offer local Mallorquin, as well as other Mediterranean and European dishes. If you are a lover of fish and chips, you will find plenty of those in this tiny peace of paradise. But don’t worry, the fish and chips are not the only food available for English tourists, you can also get your full English (or Scottish) breakfast, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, and of course a pint of beer.

Magaluf in Majorca

The famous Magaluf Beach in Majorca
The famous Magaluf Beach in Majorca

Magaluf or Magalluf is another exotic destination on this wonderful Island which serves hundreds and thousands of English holiday makers each year. This resort is specifically famous in singles from UK which visit for its exotic beaches, warm sun, cheap beer and holiday love.

This beautiful resort is in the south west of lovely island of Majorca and is one of the most happening resorts in the Island. This lovely resort is just on the 25 minute drive from Palma De Mallorca airport which is the so-called capital of island of Majorca or Mallorca.

There is approximately 300 days of sunshine in the Magaluf, the heat can be very extreme in the months of July and August as temperature reaches 30 – 35C, so make sure that you have plenty of sun block lotion and avoid direct sun light during the hours of 12am – 4pm to avoid sun burn.


Palma de Mallorca
Palma de Mallorca

Palma is the cultural hub of island of Majorca. Famous for its beautiful beaches, golden sand and unlimited sun, this resort serves as the gateway to Majorca for English tourists. The Palma de Mallorca airport has the direct connections from all major international airports of UK.

As this is the only city in the island, it is known as cituat in the local language. The city was founded by Romans but remained under Byzantine and Muslim rulers later. Muslims ruled this city from 902 to 1229AD.

This city is the economic hub of the island, its beaches are served with restaurants which are specialist in the food from around the world, including English, Thai, Continental, Pakistani and Chinese food. The city remain almost full of british holiday makers during the year and as a full-of-life holiday resort it offers an attractive night life which is why this the most famous holiday destination in singles.

Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa
Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa or Port of Pollensa is typically a famous holiday resort for british families and couples. This is why they come here again and again.

The laid back environment of this resort is spread beside Tramuntana mountain range. Its sandy beaches and plenty of sun provides a perfect atmosphere for the families to relax and enjoy.

On the warm evenings, you will find everyone wandering around the marina, passing from paved pathways and sipping exotic beans of coffee in the most splendid cafes of Majorca. This resort gives once in a life time experience to the holiday makers who search for peace, beauty and enjoyment altogether.

Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa in Majorca
A street of Santa Ponsa in Majorca

This is another very famous holiday resort in the southwest coast of island of Majorca. The distance from Palma city to Santa Ponsa is just 12 miles and it takes approximately 20mins to reach on this beautiful resort if you are traveling by car.

The main beach of this exotic island is reasonably large, and in recent years it has been extended with imported sand to accommodate an increasing number of visitors to this beautiful resort. Even so, in high season it can still become very crowded due to its popularity with both tourists and locals struggling to get a good bit of sun and sand both.

Santa Ponsa gives a wide selection of cafes, bars and restaurants and excellent facilities for visitors. In response to the strong UK and Irish influences in the town, many supermarkets now also stock readily recognizable UK branded goods, however you should expect to pay higher price then what you pay for the same goods at home. In the restaurants you can find any thing from Fish and Chips to a full course English dinner.

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